New Brexit deal

The revised Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU was announced at a summit of European Leaders on Thursday 17th October

Ninety-five per cent of this revised deal is the same as Theresa May’s, which was crafted during two years of painstaking negotiations. But that one didn’t gain consent from the UK Parliament.

The Irish border issue is solved… for a bit. Northern Ireland will follow pages and pages of EU rules on agriculture and goods. Items entering Northern Ireland will be checked for compliance with those regulations. That reduces the risk of dodgy goods ending up in France, Belgium, Finland or the rest of the member states. The single market will also be physically protected. Then ever four ears it’ll be up to the Northern Irish people to decide to continue under these rules or not. Now the British Parliament must vote to accept or decline the deal on Saturday 19th October and if successful it then moves onto the European Parliament for its final vote leading to UK exist from the EU with a deal on the October 31st.

Written by By Project staff

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