Young people’s opinions on the EU Referendum

A group of young people from Greece, Cyprus, and the UK have shared their thoughts on the EU Referendum. They have all been collectively working on the project ‘Keep me safe in Europe’. More information about this can be found here: http://kmse.open-lab.com/
UK, Patrick, Age: 25
‘Still unsure as I haven’t had enough information from both sides yet’
Greece, Nicole, Age: 18
‘Stay in’
Greece, Anestus, Age: 18
‘Doesn’t care really’
UK, Nadika, Age: 17
UK, Nile, Age: 19
‘Leave, can’t see any positives and other countries benefit more’
Cyprus, Chris, Age: 23
‘UK should leave Europe because it has a stronger currency’
Greece, Revorse, Age: 23
‘Leave, because the UK has a queen and they should follow their laws not the EU’
UK, Ryan, Age: 19
‘Isn’t bothered’
UK, Amara, Age: 21
‘No opinion’
UK, Sauda Age: 17
‘Shouldn’t leave, the UK is diverse, and wouldn’t want to cause any conflict with other EU nationals who have settled here, if the UK did happen to vote out ‘
Greece, Euangelia, Age: 17
‘Doesn’t interest me’
Greece, Alexandra, Age: 19
‘Stay in as one collective group as it brings us all closer together’
UK, Auya, Age: 17
‘Stay in because it is free travel without needing a visa ’
UK, Luke, Age: 16
‘Haven’t made up my mind yet’
Cyprus, Raphel, Age: 24
‘Stay in the EU, as most of the Europe speak English and we should stick together as it is good example to other countries. The UK also has good opportunities to study abroad for a lot cheaper than the UK fee’s’
Cyprus, Efitha, Age: 23
‘Doesn’t care’
Cyprus, Peter, Age: 14
UK: Chris, Age: 18
‘Doesn’t care much about it’


Written by By Patrick Magill

Project Assistant working alongside Dr Darren Sharpe on a number of youth funded projects that is in conjunction with The University of East London.