Written by By Adrian Renton

I support remaining in the EU. People forget that Europe has experienced continual war since the dawn of history right up to 1945, with 20 million dead in the current Europe in the last century alone. There is also a false assumption in Britain that it was the Yanks and Churchill and the Brits who won WWII. Together we lost 700k military vs 10 million military lost in USSR. The press and broadcast reporting (distorted and often clearly dishonest) plays up anxiety about migration in the EU and the “Proud to be British” narrative to drive support for exit. We need to remember what the EU has achieved in science, social justice, protection of workers and the economy. We need to remember how the experience of the war led Brits to support setting up the NHS, the education system and the welfare state in the UK. We need a longer sense of history. As George Santayana asserted: "Those who cannot remember the past are destined to repeat it". I’m with the former Greek finance minister: “it is time that Americans and Europeans joined forces, across the Atlantic, to produce the surge of democracy that can uniquely revive hope, silence the sirens of toxic populism, dissolve governmental authoritarianism, and create the foundations of a planetary future worth fighting for. ” We need to do this inside the EU. Individual nations can’t solve global political problems any more.