Brexit-Theresa May

What happens if we have no deal by March 2019?

The government is planning to publish, in two tranches in late August and early September, about 70 technical notices on how businesses and consumers should prepare for no deal.

  • It means that pretty much all of the current arrangements that join us to the rest of Europe – covering everything from air transport to pharmaceuticals – would simply vanish.
  • The fall in the pound following the original Brexit vote is estimated to have already cost the average household about £400-a-year.
  • In principle, aircraft could be grounded, British road hauliers would be unable to operate to and from the continent and border crossings on both sides of the channel could be gridlocked. You might need a visa for your summer holiday, and many UK-based manufacturers that are part of ‘just-in-time’ supply chains could be forced to halt production.
  • In practice, it’s likely that the UK and the EU would come up with some emergency measures to stop a complete breakdown.
  • The 3.4 million European citizens living in the UK won’t become illegal immigrants overnight and/or UK residents lining in the 27 EU member states.


Written by By Project staff