Young People and Politics in Britain

This briefing report presents the findings from a new research project that examines young people‘s attitudes towards politics in Britain, and considers the widely-held view that today‘s generation of youth is increasingly reluctant to play a role in political life, and is dismissive of the formal political process and democratic institutions. This viewpoint is not new, and the issue of youth disengagement has vexed politicians and policy-makers over the course of the past decade. Indeed, there has been growing anxiety within government circles that, despite attempts to reform the political system and make it easier to access by citizens, the British public—and young people in particular—remain broadly disaffected from politics. In large part, this concern has been shaped by a recent decline in voter participation rates, with young people being particularly absent from the polls at successive general election contests in 2001, 2005 and 2010.

Briefing paper JULY FINAL


Written by By Patrick Magill

Project Assistant working alongside Dr Darren Sharpe on a number of youth funded projects that is in conjunction with The University of East London.