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EU President good-bye message to UK Students

Speech by President von der Leyen at the London School of Economics on ‘Old friends, new beginnings: building another future for the EU-UK partnership’ Dear students, Over the next month and years, we will have to loosen some of the threads, which have been carefully stitched together between the EU and the UK over five […]

Decree Absolute

Boris Johnson’s Brexit legislation has been backed by Members of Parliament by 330 votes to 231. It marks a historic moment in the Brexit process ahead of the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU on January 31. Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill has passed through its final stage in the House of Commons, clearing the path […]

The Legal protections for refugee children to be reunited with family members is watered down in the Withdrawal extensions Bill past 20 Dec 2019 

A core part of the Withdrawal Agreement is that there shall be a “transition or implementation period” under Article 126. This period begins when the UK leaves the EU and ends, by default on 31 December 2020. However, the UK and EU can jointly agree, on a one-off basis, to extend that period by a […]

UK General Election Results 2019: Youthquake or sinkhole?

Boris wins a huge majority to lead a renewed Conservative Government and push forward his plan to leave the EU by the 31st January 2020.  Jeremey Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party who remained neutral on the Brexit survived the worst defiant since Michael Foot in the 1983s, and he will stand down has party […]

Brexit extension

The EU has granted the UK an extension to January 31st 2020 to remain a member of the EU. However, the UK can leave the EU before this date if Parliament approves the Government’s Brexit Deal Withdrawal Bill.

Parliament’s ‘unmeaningful vote’ on Brexit

On October 21st 2019 MPs voted and approved in principle Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, but voted against his proposed three-day timetable. The Government won its unmeaningful vote on its Brexit deal however its timetable was rejected. Parliament demanded more time to scrutinize the deal before sending it to the House of Lords. This disrupts the […]

New Brexit deal

The revised Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU was announced at a summit of European Leaders on Thursday 17th October Ninety-five per cent of this revised deal is the same as Theresa May’s, which was crafted during two years of painstaking negotiations. But that one didn’t gain consent from the UK Parliament. The […]

Is a Brexit deal possible?

Negotiations between the UK and the EU are taking part at the EU Commission in Brussels, following a not so good telephone exchange between Boris and Merkel where reaching a deal before the October deadline looked impossible to achieve. Then came the face-to-face meeting between Boris Johnson and the Irish PM Leo Varadkar. A joint […]

Supreme Court ruled suspending Parliament was unlawful

The unambiguous verdict from the U.K.’s highest court was a severe political blow to Johnson. He is accused of effectively lying to the queen and trampling on parliamentary sovereignty. In the short term, Johnson was accused of suspending, or “proroguing” the legislature to limit the time lawmakers have to debate and intervene in his Brexit […]

Brexit Facts

A curated selection of relevant videos about Brexit.


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    Reactions & Recommendations taken from a pool of Young People on how the Government should tackle the negotiations surrounding Brexit & the European Union.
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    Brexit: a reading list of postEU Referendum publications by the UK Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies
  • Britain’s Decision • 5 MB
    Facts and Impartial Analysis for the EU referendum on 23 June 2016
  • Post-election survey 2014 • 6 MB
    The survey has been used to analyse the results of the European elections in terms of gender, age, region, turnout and voting.
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    Aspects of participation and administration
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    It includes summary results for general elections and parliamentary by-elections
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    The extent to which voters turnout to vote at elections in the United Kingdom varies considerably between different types of election
  • EU referendum: one year on • 3 MB
    Following two successful collaborations in 2016 (Brexit and Beyond and Brexit: Six Months On),
    EU referendum: one year on examines the progress that has been made thus far.
  • The ‘Outraged Young’ • 3 MB
    How Young Europeans are Reshaping the Political Landscape.
  • Scottish Independence Referendum Report • 3 MB
    Report on the referendum held on 18 September 2014.
  • The UK Young Ambassadors • 3 MB
    Enabling all young people to engage in an Inclusive, Diverse and Well-Connected Europe.
  • Voting Age • 396 kB
    This Note gives details of the attempts to change the law to lower the voting age over the last decade
  • Young People Participation in EP elections • 91 kB
    This Note gives details of the attempts to change the law to lower the voting age over the last decade.
  • Voter engagement and young people • 558 kB
    Research report.

Sir John Major joins court case to stop Parliament suspension

Ms Miller had already launched her own challenge, and Sir John said by joining her he would avoid “taking up the court’s time”. The Tory former PM believes the move by Boris Johnson is aimed at preventing MPs from opposing a no-deal Brexit. The High Court will hold a preliminary hearing, at the start of […]


Parliament suspension

Parliament suspension sparks furious backlash and protesters demonstrate throughout the UK. Scottish judge considering parliament shutdown challenge. The group of 75 parliamentarians are seeking the Scottish legal equivalent of an injunction to stop parliament being suspended, pending a full hearing on 6 September. Documents protesters • 76 kB