The House of Commons chamber is crowded by lawmakers during the Brexit debate inside parliament in London Saturday Oct. 19, 2019. At the rare weekend sitting of Parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson implored legislators to ratify the Brexit deal he struck this week with the other 27 EU leaders. Lawmakers voted Saturday in favour of the 'Letwin Amendment', which seeks to avoid a no-deal Brexit on October 31. (Jessica Taylor/House of Commons via AP)

Parliament’s ‘unmeaningful vote’ on Brexit

On October 21st 2019 MPs voted and approved in principle Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, but voted against his proposed three-day timetable. The Government won its unmeaningful vote on its Brexit deal however its timetable was rejected. Parliament demanded more time to scrutinize the deal before sending it to the House of Lords. This disrupts the planned departure of the UK leaving the EU on October 31st. Resulting from the rejection of the timetable, the PM called for a pause to Parliament’s debate on the Brexit deal whilst they await the decision by the EU on a possible extension. The UK Government is not actively seeking an extension, instead they are preparing for a no-deal Brexit on 31 October and/or a pre-Christmas national election to get over the Parliamentary gridlock.

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