The UK looks set for a 12 December election after MPs vote to back it following months of deadlock over Brexit

Britain is set to go back to the ballot box on 12th December 2019, following months of deadlock in Parliament to move forward on Brexit. In this messy divorce between the UK and EU, the political parties will be fighting the election on very different grounds. The Conservatives will fight for a quick divorce before the 31st January 2020. Labour are pledging a new referendum, in other words, a separation and perhaps a second chance. Whilst the Liberals are out-rightly wanting a second chance. The SNP and later Labour party argued for amendments to be made to the election bill, giving 16 and 17 years olds the right to vote and also EU citizen’s resident in the UK. These amendments were not taken forward and only the 9th December general election date was voted upon, which was lost. By default the 12th December became Election Day. Labour is also concerned that many of its University student voters would have returned home for their holidays without having the chance to vote.

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