UK General Election Results 2019: Youthquake or sinkhole?

Boris wins a huge majority to lead a renewed Conservative Government and push forward his plan to leave the EU by the 31st January 2020. 

Jeremey Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party who remained neutral on the Brexit survived the worst defiant since Michael Foot in the 1983s, and he will stand down has party leader.

Jo Swindon, the leader of the Liberal Democrats who fought on a pledge to end Brexit and remain in the EU lost her seat and has now retired from her party leadership role.   

The DUP share of the Northern Ireland vote has decreased and have now lost their bargaining power with the government over the Brexit plan.

The SNP share of the Scottish vote has increased signalling a second referendum on Scottish independence, where Scotland could find itself outside of two trading relationships – the EU and UK.

The question now begs, what happened to the youth vote? Did young voters switch from Corbyn to Boris? Did young voters turn out? And what next for the renewal in British democracy and the role of young voters?

Written by By Project staff

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